Titan Slicer Limited launches its revolutionary new TITAN 500 3D slicer


The only pressurized round framed slicer in world. The new 500 has been engineered with no horizontal surfaces on it, so water or bacteria can’t pool or gather. These unique engineering changes make it the most hygienic slicer on the market today. Bacteria can’t grow where it can’t hide!

This combined with its patented slice and weigh unit coupled to open face machine vision system allows the 500 slicer to tackle the most difficult of products. The combination of these unit results in:

  • Minimal giveaway at all slicing temperatures
  • The removal product of pressing prior to slicer, saving capital and time by removing another unwanted process
  • Endless feeding into the slicer to get maximum yield
  • Open face grading allowing the producer to direct product to the correct grading conveyor, thus reducing rework time and product contact
  • Fully interchangeable involutes or round blade
  • 400mm wide throat for the biggest products
  • Unique slice and weigh system build a better pack with reduce giveaway
  • On-board sharpening, you lno onger need to purchase a separate sharpener
  • Un –manned operation, reducing labour units
  • On-board CIP, the only slicer in the world that cleans itself
  • Product changes less than one minute.

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