New Slicing Line Commissioned in Canada


The challenges facing our new Canadian client when considering replacing an out dated European slicer included:

  • Hygiene
  • Versatility (over 75 different product variables)
  • Factory space


In addition to all the usual Titan benefits the factors that helped convince our Canadian client were Titan’s ANSI/3-A hygiene rating, the ability to change from one product to another without any machine reconfiguration and the flexibility of Titan Slicer designs.

At Titan Slicers we are proud of our ability to meet customer’s specific individual requirements and in this case when factory space was recognised as a major constraint a redesigned conveyor system eliminated this issue.

Following installation and commissioning many of the Titan features have proved beneficial but most particularly the gentle slicing action available from the independently controlled orbital blade design which has enabled much higher slicing temperatures with significant CO2 savings possible in the crust freezing process.

For more information contact:
Michael Kapps, WIBERG Corporation, Canada
Phone: 001 905 825 9900

Titan Vision provides the answer to High Speed Slicing of Non-uniform products

Like many brands of industrial Slicer, Titan utilises pack weight feedback to automatically control slice thickness and/or numbers to optimise the pack weight at the same time as sorting accept & reject pack weights. These systems have the huge benefit of simultaneously reducing labour and pack giveaway and perform best in situations where, product is relatively uniform, pack weight is small (less than 1Kg) and high speed slicing is not critical.

The pack weight feed back’s principal relies on sampling the weight of every pack and then taking a control action to improve the weight of the following pack. However in non-uniform applications such as bacon where the cross sectional area of the slice is changing rapidly sampling every pack is not sufficient, particularly in the large pack applications. In these cases Titan Vision provides the ultimate in control where the cross sectional area of every slice is measured and a correcting action is carried out by the Slicer after every slice to compensate for area change. The weigh scale is still utilised to verify the pack weight and to compensate for density changes.

Bottom line benefits of Titan Vision for the meat processor are most impressive. In the first installation of Titan Vision on a Bacon Slicing line our client is reporting the following results:

  • 15% – 25% improvement in output
  • 40% – 45% improvement in pack giveaway rates
  • Packs accept rates improved resulting in a 33% reduction in repack labour costs

For more information on how Titan Vision can improve your business performance please contact:

Sean Marr, Titan Slicer Limited
Phone: + 64 3 547 0528,
Mobile: +64 27 659 4893